was designed with the purpose of providing opportunities for youth to participate in a comprehensive presentation of Enrichment activities and academic tutoring opportunities that promote increased literacy.

The curriculum provides the foundation needed to teach the life skills necessary to prepare and empower for leadership.

We provide a safe and nurturing place for children/youth during after school hours and academic school breaks. The program helps discover and enhance artistic skills/abilities and showcase talent through the “Artist Spotlight Village” while increasing personal success and enhanced development

Our Enrichment classes and camps encourage and develop life-skills, respect for others, and social interaction through positive, potential life-long recreational pursuits.  We also provide academic focused-tutoring/homework assistance in all subject areas.

The five major components of the program are:

  • After-school Programs

  • Tutoring/Homework Assistance

  • Enrichment Programs

  • Artist Spotlight Village

  • Cultural Exposes

Tutoring/Homework Assistance:  Academic tutoring in all subjects. The program’s curriculum encourages improved grades, greater self-confidence, and enhanced study habits. Every participant receives individually tailored instruction on the topics where he/she needs help.

After-School Programs: Designed to provide educationally enriching alternatives for children and youth after school.  The program will be aligned with the school day curriculum; however will provide extended learning opportunities outside the hours of the traditional school day.  Provides a safe, nurturing environment and interesting activities for youth.

Enrichment Programs/Camps: Exciting opportunities to enhance personal development through innovative class offerings and enrichment camps. The program offers amazing life enriching opportunities and exposure to topics such as health living, etiquette, art and culture, finances, dance, photography and more!

Class/Camp offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Art
  • Breaktime Camps
  • Culinary Camp
  • Charisma/Finishing Camp
  • Dance
  • Debate
  • Etiquette and Social Skills
  • Facebook, Twitter and Social Media
  • Fashion
  • Finances
  • Interviewing and Resumes
  • Photography
  • Successful Student Strategies

Cultural Exposés: Cultural presentations and related programs that may include guest speakers, field trips, and lectures related to a specific media, collections of art, lending libraries, artists in residence, etc.

Artist Spotlight Village: Opportunity for students to showcase and exhibit their creative projects